Caring for Denim

Caring for Denim

Caring for denim

            Finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly is already hard enough without having to consider the possibility of the denim stretching and fading. It sucks when our favorite pieces are taken with time and they just don’t fit the same, but by learning to care for your denim you stray away from the nightmare of losing the fit you love.

            Denim’s durability is notably one of the positives of the textile but add water and its density complicates the washing process. Denim is going to soak up high volumes of water in the wash, making it even denser, which will alter the fit and color while being pulled at and tumbled in the wash. After the washing has finished, the further stress on the fabric continues on to the drying process. There is a smell we all know. A musty, wet lingering smell that we know from the times we’ve forgotten about the laundry, but it also occurs when denim is dried improperly. So, not only are you jeopardizing the color or fit of your denim but now your scent is under fire.

            Thankfully, the solution is easily attainable and probably asks less than what you’re already doing for your denim. You may not need to be doing laundry as often as you think. If you’re wear your denim regularly, then there’s no need to clean the fabric every other time you wear it. Finally, an excuse to not do laundry. Spot cleaning is also an option, but if you are an avid denim wearer you may need a more thorough and regular clean.

            Now, for the actual washing process, begin by turning the piece inside out. Try not to pack your washer while loading your machine, so your denim can have their own kind of social distancing. High temperatures can be detrimental to the wash and can cause the denim to shrink, so make sure the wash is running cold. All that’s left is a small amount of detergent and your denim will be clean!

            The drying process for denim can be a bit of a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be as simple as hang-drying. This will reinforce the structure and allow the seams to fall back into place, rather than jumbled up in a drum tossed onto itself repeatedly. The denim should be damp at most before hanging, so machine help can definitely be utilized with a no-heat or low heat cycle to start it off. You can add dryer balls to ensure that the denim is constantly moving.

            The search for nice denim is not easy, but maybe it can be a little more forgiving than we think. So far, all we’ve discussed is maintaining the style of your denim, but for whatever reason you might need the fit to change just a touch. Washing your denim with heat can shrink your denim a tiny bit and you can stretch your denim after the wash at its peak manipulability.

            Denim, like all textiles, is going to change, but that’s what we love about it. The piece wears and morphs to the way you lead your unique life. Caring for your denim shouldn’t be overwhelming and hopefully with these tips you can keep your denim friends with you for as long as you can.



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