Meaning Behind Candles

Meaning Behind Candles

Meaning Behind Candles

Candles can seem pretty arbitrary since a switch can light up an entire room in comparison to a small flame. Yes, they smell nice, but some people might question their willingness to purchase a jar of flammable, scented wax. Roam & dwell wants to shed some light on some deeper meanings of having a candle.

            Unfortunately, this starts with just a touch of history, but I promise it’s interesting. From ancient times, candles have been used to symbolize a connection to the gods, or higher powers. Of the four elements, fire is the only one that human beings can create. Greek myths tell the story of Prometheus stealing fire from the workshop of Hephaistos and Athena and giving it to mankind. This quite literally sparked the enlightenment of mankind and established a relationship with the gods.

            Beyond this myth, the history of the candle is so rich every time we light one, we take part in something magical. We use candles in a variety of things from catholic mass to Wiccan rituals. The greatest mundane example of this would be all of the wishes you’ve made blowing out your birthday candles.

            A candle has the power to change your space completely. The change in ambiance and energy that lighting a candle can bring to your space is so easy to access. When it comes to anything that can strongly influence your atmosphere or energy, we want to be sensitive.

            Roam & dwell wants to help you curate clean and safe energy for you and your space. The candles we carry are made from beeswax and soy wax. Both are renewable and safe to burn without risking your health. Carolina Beer Candles are a local brand that we carry. They are a sustainable initiative to recycle cans and glass and repurpose them into beautiful unique candles. These candles are made of soy which is non-toxic and biodegradable.

            Big Dipper Wax Works make up our beeswax candle options. The owner was inspired by the big dipper constellation and wanted to create something from nature to bring light into people’s homes. Their candles are hand-poured in Seattle and made from organic beeswax. They claim on their website that instead of releasing soot, their candles clean the air as they burn. The beeswax releases negative ions as it’s burning, cleaning the air of pollutants and allergens. 

            We love clean energy, and these candles are exactly what will do it! From a variety of colored taper candles to scented glass candles, each can be used to harness a different atmosphere or vibe.

            There is so much rich history packed into each of the items we interact with every day. Candles are no different. Their practicality alongside the mystic history that they have is what makes them so special. Not curating your vibe and space haphazardly either, but with healthy and clean energy simply and easily.

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